[Delayed Boxing Day 2005, thank you everyone!]
48 photos
[LA Clippers vs Kings]
34 photos
[Colin's 2 year's old birthday]
35 photos
[Christmas Day 2005]
39 photos
[A huge house with lots of Christmas decorations.]
37 photos
[Aidan 1st Birthday Party]
58 photos
[The Grove and Snowing in L.A.]
99 photos
[Las Vegas Trip 2005]
70 photos
[Mable's Birthday Dinner]
80 photos
[My Birthday Dinner]
79 photos
[Wing's Birthday Dinner]
22 photos
[Pumpkins Patch at Cal Poly]
112 photos
[LA King's 1st home game of 2005-06 season]
12 photos
[Anglica's Birthday Dinner]
64 photos
[Damon and Wesley B-day Dinner]
12 photos
[Real Madrid vs LA Galaxy]
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[Cailin's Full-Moon Dinner]
37 photos
[Toorima's Wedding]
92 photos
[Angelia & Wallace's Baby Girl]
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[Terry's Birthday Dinner]
58 photos
[Dad and Mom Vacation 2005 (5/19-5/27)]
238 photos
[May, Jeffrey, and Vincent's Birthday Dinner]
105 photos
[Angelica and Wallace's Baby Shower]
148 photos
[Justin's 2 years old birthday]
67 photos
[Assembling a rocking horse for Jacky]
50 photos
[Soccer Tournment]
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[Karen's Tulips]
6 photos
[My new Dell 19' LCD w/ 4 USB ports]
10 photos
[Karen's Birthday]
59 photos
[Karen and Tiffanys' Birthday Dinner]
166 photos
[Karen is checking out her birthday gift - Nikon D70 with kit]
12 photos
[Chinese New Year 2005]
160 photos
[Aidan's Full Moon]
88 photos
[Vicky and Wallace Birthday Dinner]
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[Mable and Damon's son - Aidan]
16 photos
[Boxing Day on New Year 2005]
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